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Javier Jaramago Fernandez writes:
> does anybody know if awesome is already a re-parenting windows manager? I'm
> asking because it still have Java issues even when the problems were
> supposed to be caused because awesome was a non-re-parenting windows
> manager. If anybody knows we could trace the problem and try to fix it in
> the OpenJdk at least (if they are the bug source).

I read somewhere (can't remember where though) that "wmname lg3d" is one cure
for Java issues (for the Sun/Oracle offering at least, and it worked for me,
with menus mostly working).  'wmname' belongs in a package called
suckless-tools on my Debian box (it just sets the window-manager name property
on the root window).  From its man-page:

  "wmname is a nice utility to fix problems with JDK versions and other broken
   programs, which are assuming a reparenting window manager."


-- Fred

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