Am 30.04.2016 um 16:33 schrieb Bennett Piater:
> AFAIK, the only solution is to switch to i3wm.
> Awesome does not yet work very well with external monitors.

That's.... quite a 'solution' and quite a claim.

>> When I attach or detach an external screen (using xrandr) it seems
>> Awesome automatically restarts.
>> Is there any way to avoid this?

Not with awesome 3.5.9, no. Sorry.

However, for the next major release we are working on changing this[0]. This
requires quite some changes, because all the code right now assumes that all
screens are already known when the config file is loaded and doesn't change 


>> During a regular working day I happen to
>> connect/disconnect my screen easily 3 to 5 times. This causes my layouts
>> to reset each time (size of master pane, number of applications in the
>> master etc), which is a bit annoying.

If you have some "frequent patter" for this, the only suggestion that I have is
to configure some more of these settings in your config. You can e.g. use
awful.tag.setmwfact(0.3, tags[1][3]) in your rc.lua to configure a "default"
mwfact for the third tag.

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