> I've been using Awesome as my go-to windows manager for a while now and
> for various reasons have been playing around with it a lot more recently.
> Browsing the github repo I came across issue #442 (
> https://github.com/awesomeWM/awesome/issues/442) which discuss changing
> the way rc.lua is constructed so as to make things more modular and move
> the hardcoded logic somewhere more suitable (for example a new config
> module).
> This struck me as something I might be interested in working on in my free
> time this summer. It has been a few months since anyone posted on the
> thread so I thought I would send an email here to see if anybody was
> currently working on anything like this or had further thoughts as to how
> this could be implemented.

I originally proposed these changes and I while I would still love to see
them integrated, I just haven't had the time. Please feel free to take a
crack at it.

Because the potential changes are so sweeping, I think a good way to chip
away at it would be to slim down rc.lua bit-by-bit. For example, take
something like global/client key bindings and modify the Lua API so that
they can be defined more simply and in a modular way.

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