First of all, I'm running Awesome 3.5.9 on Arch Linux, on an Intel i7-4790K,
32GB of RAM, with an Nvidia GTX 980 Ti with the proprietary drivers (and two
separate X screens driving one monitor each), starting 2 instances of Awesome
with different configs from my .xinitrc.  Not running any display manager.

I've had the issue for a while that some combination of circumstances will cause
Awesome to be unresponsive to mouse clicks, on the menu, taglist, and
clientlist, as well as any permanent (red) notifications.  System tray icons are
still responsive, and hotkeys are still responsive, just not the mouse.  I've
pretty much narrowed it down to USB devices as the cause: nearly anytime I
hotplug or hotunplug a USB audio device, mouse or keyboard (thumb drives don't
seem to affect it), I get this problem.

It usually goes away at some point as I'm closing down apps for a reboot,
without any real rhyme or reason as to which app needs to be closed to correct
the problem.

Sometimes it'll only be one or the other display that has the problem, and
sometimes it'll be both.  When it's just one, it usually follows whichever
monitor has the mouse at the moment of the USB event.

Thus far, I've not been able to deduce the reason for this behavior, as it
doesn't trigger any messages either in the Xorg log, or when redirecting console
output to a file when starting Awesome.

I'd be interested to know if anyone else has run into this problem, and possibly
found a fix/workaround for it.

Ranko Kohime

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