I handle my screen setup by first having:

local screens = screen.count()

in my rc.lua. Further down, my setup is then different depending on 
whether screens == 2 or not.

Other option: swap your monitor cables on your PC, that should swap the id 
of your screens and put your systray in the right place.. Then redo the 
xrandr layout.

Finally, as far as I know, awesome is built based on the assumption that a 
screen contains tags and a tag contains windows. This hierarchy can 
probably not be broken without rewriting awesome. Your desire to basically 
have a tag contain two screens will be problematic.

The only solution I see is to define tag pairs in your rc.lua and then 
write your own function that will run on every tag change and activate the 
other member of a pair.

Laurent De Buyst 
System administrator 

From:   Greg Bell <gbell_spaml...@yahoo.com>
To:     awesome@naquadah.org
Date:   08/03/2016 08:00 AM
Subject:        Multi-monitor - wibox?

Hi everybody,

I have a "main" screen, and a smaller "side" screen (actual, physical 

Everything's working (thanks xrandr!)

Only problem is, the systray is on the side screen.  This is because 
Awesome thinks my side screen is "screen 1".  I'm deducing this 
because only it has a systray and I have this in rc.lua:

if s == 1 then right_layout:add(wibox.widget.systray()) end

Question: How do I tell Awesome to consider my "main" screen as screen 
1?  Of course I could just change the code above to s == 2, but if I 
take off my side screen and there's then only one screen again, I'd 
have no systray.

Also, the tag being viewed is independent for the two screens.  That's 
more granularity than I'd like.  When I switch "contexts" (tags) I'd 
like both monitors to reflect that.  Am I just looking at implementing 
that in rc.lua?

Thanks for the help and thanks to the devs for such a great WM.

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