On 25.09.2016 17:17, Abraham Baker wrote:

> When I shift focus between monitors in Awesome, I can "wrap" the focus from 
> the right-most monitor back to the left/first one.  So, I could cycle focus 
> between all the monitors indefinitely.
> How would I make the mouse-controlled cursor do the same thing? For example, 
> if I moused over the right border of the right-most monitor, the cursor would 
> then jump to the left-most monitor's left border.  Is this outside the scope 
> of the window manager?
You could create a 1px wide wibox at the edge of the screen to detect
when the mouse enters there and then warp the cursor to the other side
of the other screen. "Pure X11" would even allow an invisible
(InputOnly) window, which awesome does not provide. At least I think
that this is how some WMs (I don't remember which) implement "switch
workspace via mouse".


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