On 10/06/2016 08:15 PM, XSign wrote:
> Hi there,
> I’m using archlinux, lightdm+awesomeWM as my work environment.
> And I found if I startup awesome with lightdm, the environment
> DBUS_SESSION_ADDRESS is set to /tmp/dbus-xxxxxxx
> But this environment should be point to /run/dbus/system_dbus_socket
        No it shouldn't. As the name says, DBUS_SESSION_ADDRESS is for the
*session* bus, but /run/dbus/system_dbus_socket is the *system* bus.

> If I startup WM with startx command(default WM, only has xterm & xclock),
> this environment is properly set.
> Anyone knows why this situation happened and how to fix it ?
        AFAIK, neither startx, nor awesome, nor lightdm set that variable. The
exact way the session bus is launched depends on your distribution, so
you will need to tell us at least which distribution you are using
before we can help (for example, for ArchLinux, the session bus is
started by systemd, itself launched by PAM).

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