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In xlibtypes.txt comment, should it be sizes-64.txt?

Yes, good catch.

Generating both 32 and 64 seems a bit outdated at this point. Surely this is a remnant of bundling 64 and 32 bit together on Solaris in the past? Perhaps someone in 2d can answer this? Would be nice to be able to clean up that part as well if possible.
Yes, you are right. We should clean up that as well. I was just too conservative. I've now actually checked what happens when you generate both 32 and 64 bit versions, and the result is that instead of code like:
    public static int getSize() { return 96; }
we get code like this:
    public static int getSize() { return ((XlibWrapper.dataModel == 32)?(80):(96)); }

Since we do no longer support multiple data models for the same build, this is just unnecessary. In fact, that leads to an even better cleanup, since we will always need just a single input file.

I also wrapped the tool calls in ExecuteWithLog.

Updated webrev:


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