There are committers at IBM who should be able to do this for you.


> On Apr 10, 2018, at 5:16 AM, Ichiroh Takiguchi <> 
> wrote:
> Hello Sergey.
> I don't have permission to put webrev file into
> Would you be able to put it there if I email it to you ?
>> On 2018-04-10 07:39, Sergey Bylokhov wrote:
>> Hi, Ichiroh.
>> Your contribution is welcome. Can you send the change for review as a
>> webrev on
>>> On 09/04/2018 02:09, Ichiroh Takiguchi wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> IBM would like to propose another Input Method Framework (IMF) 
>>> implementation against IBM AIX platform.
>>> Same IMF implementation was used by IBM Java8 for AIX.
>>> IBM would like to contribute this IMF implementation to OpenJDK project.
>>> AIX's Input Method Editor (IME) working behavior is not same as Linux's and 
>>> Solaris' one.
>>> On OpenJDK JDK9 for AIX, users cannot input any East Asian character with 
>>> their locale by this IME.
>>> We think this situation is critical.
>>> Put modified files under src/java.desktop/aix/* directories in order not to 
>>> affect the other unix platform.
>>> I'd like contribute following 4 files:
>>> M make/lib/Awt2dLibraries.gmk
>>> A src/java.desktop/aix/classes/sun/awt/
>>> A src/java.desktop/aix/native/libawt_xawt/awt/awt_InputMethod.c
>>> A src/java.desktop/aix/native/libawt_xawt/xawt/XlibWrapper.c
>>> We need to apply too many changes including JNI, so we copied following 3 
>>> files from unix directory to aix directory:
>>> * src/java.desktop/unix/classes/sun/awt/
>>> * src/java.desktop/unix/native/libawt_xawt/awt/awt_InputMethod.c
>>> * src/java.desktop/unix/native/libawt_xawt/xawt/XlibWrapper.c
>>> Then, we modified them.
>>> I'd appreciate any feedback please, and how I would go about obtaining a 
>>> sponsor and contributor?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Ichiroh Takiguchi
>>> IBM Japan, Ltd.

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