On 17/05/2018 02:05, Dmitry Markov wrote:
Hi Sergey,

According to your fix replacSurfaceData() and updateMinimumSize() are invoked 
only if the graphics device has been changed or the peer has been resized:

  734         if (pResized || isNewDevice) {
  735             replaceSurfaceData();
  736             updateMinimumSize();
  737         }

Shall we also check tResized in the statement above, (i.e. take into account 
changes in the target's size)?

Both of these methods bounds to the peer object(the size of NSWindow), and should be called when the peer is resized. - surfaceData should be updated because its size should be equal to the size of NSWindow. - updateMinimumSize should be called because it is depends on the MaxTextureHeight of the peer's LWGraphicsConfig

Best regards, Sergey.

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