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 JSR-224に引き続きJSR-222(JAXB 2.0)のPublic review期間が終了し、
EC(Executevie Committee)の投票が行われました。結果は、以下のとおり:


 この結果を受け、残存の懸案項目を詰めた上でProposed Final Draftの


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From: Java Community Process JSR #222 Expert List
Sent: Wednesday, July 27, 2005 6:19 AM
Subject: JSR-222 Public Review period is over

The Public Review period is over and the  result of the Public Draft
Specification Approval Ballot are online at [1].
With this Executive Committee approval for Public Review, the next stage
of the process is Proposed Final Draft.

I am currently working on adding the following functionality for schema
to java binding and the binding framework to  the spec and javadoc that
was identified as missing from the Public draft.


Please let me know if I have inadvertently omitted any Schema-to-Java
binding issues or binding framework issues discussed by the EG.
Sekhar will have a list for Java to Schema binding issues pending for
proposed final draft in the near future.

My current thought is to schedule an EG meeting to review proposed
resolutions to above issues for an August 2nd meeting.



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