I have been running many of the Axis 1.1 sample web services with
several different web services clients.

In one of my web services client packages I have turned on HTTP
pipelining, and I can now write a client that immediately sends numerous
SOAP requests out to an Axis web service.

If I monitor the Axis web service I can see that it processes each
request sequentially.  Is there any way to configure an Axis web service
to run multi-threaded??

I have been using the supplied samples from Axis like HelloWorld and the
Interop Echo service.  Plus a simple one of my own to sleep a specified
number of seconds so that I can time operations.

I am using Tomcat 4.1.27, and optionally Apache 2 in front of this Axis

I also get consistent results if I use a .NET web service (with IIS in
front).  When I enable HTTP pipelining, and run my WS client, I see all
my SOAP requests go right out, but monitoring the web service indicates
everything running sequentially.

Any pointers are greatly appreciated.
Ken M.

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