Hi all, 

I thought I would try and revive this topic of Puerto Rican matches to 
Azorean ancestry on FTDNA Family Finder. My Uncle's DNA recently came back 
and I have been trying to sift through his matches. His maternal side is 
from Madeira, but his Paternal side is from the Azores.

It appears that he has approximately *20* matches with people from Puerto 
Rico. I have been in contact with 2 of the matches, and both don't have 
ancestry beyond Puerto Rico. Of the few trees that are on FTDNA, they all 
still only have lines going back to the beginning of the 1800's in Puerto 

I was interested in everyone's thoughts about where the Azores to Puerto 
Rico connection comes into play. It must be back at least into the 1700's. 
Several of the matches are in the 3rd-5th Cousin range and the highest is 
approximately 51cM with a longest block of 18cM (2nd-4th cousin estimated 

One of the individuals my Uncle matches with the I have corresponded also 
stated that an oral history suggested that his mother's paternal side 
(Mercado) came from the Canary Islands in the late 1700's. This may help 
connect the idea what Doug was saying is the link from the Azores to Puerto 

Any insights would be greatly appreciated. 


On Friday, July 18, 2014 at 6:40:39 PM UTC-7, A Faria wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> I have been looking at my father's family finder matches he has one match 
> of Puerto Rican ancestry. Is anyone else getting matches with Puerto Rican 
> ancestry? I have read that there was some Azorean immigration to Puerto 
> Rico during the Iberian Union about 1580-1640.
> Antonio

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