Maria de Sousa was from Água de Pau. Maybe you will find them there.


Em sexta-feira, 16 de setembro de 2016 18:36:14 UTC-3, Sandra Perez 
> Does anyone have Lourenco do Rego Baldaia?
> Lourenco b.6 Aug 1715 Santa Cruz, Lagoa fo Manoel do Rego Baldaia e Maria 
> de
> Sousa padrinho: Joam de Medeiros fo Joam de Medeiros e Maria Roiz.
> Lourenco married Barbara do Conciecao Pereira on 15 May 1758 in Rosto de 
> Cao,
> Sao Roque.
> I have not found siblings for him in Santa Cruz.  I believe he may be 
> connected to
> the do Rego Baldaias of Sao Roque.
> -- 
> Sandra Perez

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