hi Jeremy,

It's my observation that the obituary records typically mention a woman's 
parents only if she died having never married.  Once a woman married, her 
identity changed from being tied to her father/parents to being tied to her 

I scanned the record for your ancestor, and after her age the rest of it 
looks to me like it is about her testament, masses, etc.  I didn't see any 
mention of her birthplace, but I think it mentions one of her sons by name.

hope that helps,


On Monday, September 19, 2016 at 9:10:26 PM UTC-7, j Bc wrote:
> Hello! Tonight I was able to find her death record (while looking for 
> another ancestor!) TOO FUNNY :-) . 
> http://culturacores.azores.gov.pt/biblioteca_digital/SJR-CH-CALHETA-O-1750-1780/SJR-CH-CALHETA-O-1750-1780_item1/P49.html
>  I 
> think it says she died 20 Mar 1757. (Right before that big earthquake by 
> the way).  Am I right that she was aged 58 years? If not it looks like 
> 5_something. For some reason I cannot make out filha.  Its pretty sizable - 
> does anyone see who the parents are listed as?  This is important since I 
> have not yet found their marriage or her birth.  The other thing I am 
> trying to figure out is if anyone sees where she was born. Is it Piedade?
> Jeremy

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