It seems the priest wrote using plurals saying the her and her husband are 
natives (naturais) and parishioners (freguezes) of this parish.  He may 
have made an incorrect assumption about her birthplace.  I checked 
Francisco's 1740 baptism and it clearly says the father is from this 
parish, but she is from Piedade, Pico (as you said).  I would doubt there 
is another couple in Calheta with these names (especially Heronima).  You 
probably have it, but just in case it is here is the baptism I referred to.

I can't make out most of the rest, but I do not believe her parents are 
named.  There is something about the soul of her son Pascoal (alma do seu 
filho Pascoal da Souza).  I think there is also a reference to the souls of 
her parents, but I don't see their names or parish given. Unfortunately, 
neither of these records say where this couple was married.  

Bill Seidler

On Monday, September 19, 2016 at 9:10:40 PM UTC-7, j Bc wrote:
> P.S. That death record link I sent had her at the top left.
> On Sunday, September 18, 2016 at 9:34:32 AM UTC-7, j Bc wrote:
>> Hello!
>> Is anyone related to Hyronima / Heronima Da Conaicao who married 
>> Francisco De Souza Gularte? She was born in Piedade, Pico, and her children 
>> were born in Calheta, Sao Jorge.  My ancestor was her son Francisco 
>> Fernandes Pereira De Sousa whom was born in 1740.  I am trying to find 
>> information on Heronima's birth, but there is a gap in the baptisms from 
>> Piedade stretching from 1711-1736!  
>> Thanks,
>> Jeremy

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