Manita's dad and Maria K are both counted in the "unknown" category.
Log into your DNA page
Left column: Click on Manage Personal Information
Click the Genealogy tab
Click the link that says Most Distant Ancestor.

The field is very limited. I'd use "c" for circa (and no period). Depending
on the length of the name, you may have to abbreviate parts of things.
Manuel de Mello b. 1688 Ribeira das Tainhas, Sao Miguel island won't fit.
I'd put Manuel de Mello b1888 RdTainhas, SMiguel island. You'll have to
play around with it.

Cheri Mello
Listowner, Azores-Gen
Researching: Vila Franca, Ponta Garca, Ribeira Quente, Ribeira das Tainhas,

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