My cousin and I have been working on her Moniz Thomas (aka Muniz, Moniz 
Tracado, etc.) of Maia, Ribeira Grande.  We've made contact with a man in 
Canada who is also research Moniz Thomas from Maia.  He is related one way, 
but it appears he will also be related through this surname as well.  The 
question is how as we have a gap between the records and what he knows 
about his family.

In going over my work, I found a marriage that connects a new line to our 
tree.  The line connects to my Botelho da Rocha and de Braga lines of Maia.

In looking it over, I realized that one descendant was born in Porto 
Formoso, which got me to wondering if the missing Moniz Thomas lines might 
have gone there.  

The family I am looking for is this:
Antonio Moniz/Muniz Tracado m. Maria de Braga 20 Feb 1796, Maia, Ribeira 
They had at least 5 children who married in Maia, this is the line I am 
searching for...

1.  Francisco Muniz (aka Moniz Thomas or Moniz Trassado) m. Francisca 
Izabel, 5 Aug 1822, Maia (She is the daughter of Antonio da Camara and 
Antonia de Jesus)
    1.  Ludovina Rosa Muniz m. Felicianno Boteilho (I have information on 
this line in Maia)
    2.  Jose Muniz m. Maria dos Reis (daughter of Emygdio da Souza and Anna 
da Conceicao) <---This is the one in question
         1.  Joao Muniz, born 30 Nov 1884, Porto Formoso
I have found Joao's 1884 baptismal, so there is proof that they were there, 
but for how long?  How many children did they have in Porto Formoso?
I've found a Moniz Thome family in the later Maia records (1890s and early 
1900s).  There is a possibility that this is a variation of the Moniz 
Thomas surname.  One of them as a connection to Porto Formoso as well.

Interestingly, in looking at the passports on the museum website, the only 
Moniz Thome (Moniz Tome) that I found listed were in Porto Formoso.

Anyway, if anyone has Joao Muniz and Maria dos Reis in their tree, I would 
be interested in what you've collected on their children.  My cousin has 
been searching for years for her lost cousins which may lead to her 
grandfather who disappeared and left his family behind.  


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