> Yes, I am sure there are a great many persons with those names, but I am 
> interested in any in Morro bay/San Luis Obispo.... As you said Cheri in 
> regards to the UPEC collection* "Do NOT put on horse blinders...You have 
> to look around and collect the whole set! You may find the answer you were 
> seeking by looking at another relative or relation." *I don't want to 
> specify names unless it is neccisary to do a search because I would not 
> want to miss any cousins that may have been members.  So depending upon the 
> layout of your database Celeste, if this is possible pleaselet me know, if 
> not I can compile a list.......


Jeremy G. Berry-Cahn
Researching: Ribeira Seca, Calheta, Faja Dos Cubres


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