Old Post ... I know.

Thanks so much for putting this data together!
I was wondering ... Are the UPEC documents on microfilm only in Salt Lake 
City? Or can they be viewed at our local LDS Family Center? Or would the 
microfilm need to be ordered?
I ask because I am an original member of the Visalia (or Tulare) chapter. 
My grandmother (may she rest in peace) ... bought insurance for every grand 
child ...
I think I still have the insurance docs in a safe deposit box (I really do 
need to look for them as I have 2).

I would love to review those original records ...

I would appreciate any guidance.


On Saturday, October 8, 2016 at 6:36:10 PM UTC-7, Kathy Cardoza wrote:
> For the last several years, Susan Vargas Murphy and I have been digitally 
> copying the UPEC membership records that have been filmed by the Family 
> History Library. In the past, I have offered to do lookups from the records 
> I have but that won’t be necessary any longer. I have put these records 
> into my Dropbox and the links are on this page as shareable files:  
> http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~azrwgw/research-aids-a---l/fraternal-societies/upec-records.html
> You do NOT have to have a Dropbox account in order to see these records. 
> You can view them or download them to your own Dropbox (if you have one) or 
> to your computer.
> Good luck and happy hunting!
> Kathy Cardoza
> Coordinator, Azores GenWeb
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> http://www.rootsweb.com/~azrwgw/index.html
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