Place mouse over the text you want to copy, left click and hold; while 
holding down button, scroll or drag over text until you see what you want 
copied' It should appear highlighted or discolored. Release the mouse 
button. You should see some text highlighted. Place mouse over the 
highlighted text, this time right click, choose, copy. It is now saved in 
memory. To paste item, place mouse over the area where you want to paste, 
such as a page in text file or program, right click, choose paste. The same 
applies to images, but you have to scroll over the entire image when 
holding the left mouse button. The image should highlight. Then repeat the 
procedure for copy paste.

One exception is that some programs will not interface properly, such as 
FTM.  In FTM, you can go to edit, copy file. It is saved to memory. But to 
paste to email you first have to paste to any text program. Just open any 
text file, right on on area you want to paste into, choose paste. Then do 
the copy procedure and go to email and right click and hit paste.


On Wednesday, August 9, 2017 at 12:19:23 PM UTC-4, "E" Sharp wrote:
> Thank you both.  I will try those...wish me luck. I have to do these 
> myself now as my hubby refuses to work on anything but a MAC and, 
> unfortunately, I have an HP with Windows 7!!
> "E"

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