Many thanks for the information. In case you don't know, most, if not all 
of the Braga's of Ribeira Grande are *not* related to the Braga's of Achada 
or Maia, or Faial da Terra, or Povoacao or Ponta Garca. They are 
independent branch(es) that link to the earliest nobles of Ribeira Grande. 
The latter, on the eastern side of Sao Miguel, all *appear* to be related 
and come from one or two branches that settled in Fenais da Ajuda. You may 
find one or two Braga's from Ribeira Grande area that intermarried with our 
branch, but I have yet to find one. You can surmise, that ultimately, they 
are all related and come from the early Braga's of Santa Maria circa early 
1500's. But I cannot prove this. There are also many small branches of 
Braga's strewn throughout Sao Miguel, such as Vila Franca and Ponta Delgada 
that came with the later migration from Santa Maria to Sao Miguel. Most 
came after 1700.


On Wednesday, August 9, 2017 at 5:15:59 PM UTC-4, IslandRoutes wrote:
> John, 
> I can't seem to find your email address right now.  I know that you and 
> others are interested in Braga's of Sao Miguel.
> I was going through Estrela for another family.  I found this entry in 
> 1754 that I thought might interest those researching the line.  I didn't 
> see any other Braga's in the era in this village.
> It's on the right hand side, baptismal for Francisco.
> Passing it on in case you haven't come across this in your research.
> Mel

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