My my my. 

Frankly I find it to be utterly pathetic that a group with similar purpose 
as another feels the need to rival the other.  This shoud be a place where 
we learn of developments and get help, not here of someones sad little 
spat.  I may speak only for myself, but I certainly do not enjoy this 
garbage ending up in my inbox. I prefer picking up tips and interesting 
tidbits from wonderful groups of researchers and perspective cousins. Some 
wish to have their kits in one project, the other, both, or nether, and 
this is the prerogative solely of the tester. Nobody should be repeatedly 

It is truly regrettable that we all can't just focus more on our actual 
genealogies, rather than engaging in this soap opera. It's not about whose 
the best figurehead folks, it's our research.

Jeremy G. B-C

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