Thx for the responses. I will be contacting you Cheri re situations like the one below once I am sure all the links have been found.

I have one match that shows as 2nd-4th cousins with 74 cms in common and we found 9! different links so far, closest is 6th cousin and I believe more than one link is 6th cousin. I often find multiple links to my matches. Most of the 9 links are from a set of my paternal great grandparents who are married and also blood relatives but at least one is to a maternal grandparent. On the other hand I have a confirmed 3rd cousin x1 match that also has 74 cms in common, with seemingly only 1 link but a step relationship is also a cousin one so even that is complicated. The match was easy as I knew her relatives. It seems to me that amount of dna in common should count for something but not sure what.

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