Hi Suzanne,

Here's how I read it:

"...having received the divine sacraments granted to the ailing, he was 
accompanied by the Colegio and Crosses of the Confr.os [brothers? religious 
fraternity?] of this Parish where his body was entombed wrapped in the garb 
of San Francisco dos Comuns, fes sette meyo officio prezente [seven divine 
offices were made over] his body, he didn't leave a will, nor anything 
clearly inscritis [written?], but while alive he said that he wanted to 
expend as his bequest seven thousand reis ...." I lose the plot at this 
point, but I think it states how the legacy should be spent on his funeral, 
burial, and liturgies.  Red text indicates uncertainty in interpretation.

hope that helps,



On Friday, August 11, 2017 at 4:11:08 PM UTC-7, Sme wrote:
> http://culturacores.azores.gov.pt/biblioteca_digital/SJR-CH-RIBEIRASECA-O-1763-1787/SJR-CH-RIBEIRASECA-O-1763-1787_item1/P176.html
> Bottom left (Manoel Machado husband of Rita Maria).
> Can someone please translate this doc  from the  6th line down starting at 
> "Recebeo    through the end of the document.
> Thank you.
> Suzanne

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