Many of you may have known Margaret from AOL's genealogy chat years ago.  
She was active with both Azores and Madeira research.  I think she was a 
member of this group at one time.  She had been slowly down with research 
the last couple of years and using her computer less and less.

I got word that she passed away earlier this week at the age of 94.

She and I had a special connection.  When she contacted via email many 
years ago, we began to compare names.  We never found a close relationship 
in our tree.  What we found was that she grew up with all my Pacheco and de 
Braga cousins in Oakland. She was close to many of them because her father 
had been sponsored by one of my great great uncles and had lived with the 
family when he first came here.

Her input to my family tree was invaluable.  You can have names, dates, and 
places, but knowing someone who knew your grandfather or your great great 
aunt personally is invaluable.  The stories she shared with me added a 
wealth of depth to my family history that I could not have gotten from 
documentation alone.

She will be greatly missed!

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