Hugo;  Please do as Cheri mentioned and transfer your dna to ftdna as I “think” 
we may have a connection.  I have Fraga from Faial and a few of your other 
names as well.  Haven’t found the actual connection yet.

Sam (Mazatlan, MX)

From: Cheri Mello
Sent: Friday, February 9, 2018 9:41 AM
To: Azores Genealogy
Subject: Re: [AZORES-Genealogy] Joaquim de Souza Silveira, Angra do Heroísmo

Hi Hugo,
Wow, that's a lot of information. It's not at all like what the American 
genealogy TV shows televise (Who Do You Think Your Are? Finding 
P.S. Remember your DNA Transfer to FTDNA is on your to-do list. :)

Cheri Mello
Listowner, Azores-Gen
Researching: São Miguel island: Vila Franca, Ponta Garca, Ribeira Quente, 
Ribeira das Tainhas, Achada

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