I came across the most unusual record today and it is worth sharing. It is a
birth record recorded among the baptismal records of Ribeirinha in Sao
Miguel It is recorded on 20 September 1888,  Manuel son of Antonio Joaquim
do Rego from Ribeirinha and Helena de Jesus Alves from Bretanha. Sao Miguel
The steam ship Berlim was traveling from Baia, Brazil to Terceira.  He was
born on 16 May 1888 at 8:22 am at 8 degrees 45 minutes north Latitude and 29
degrees 57 minutes west longitude. 


The parents were married in Ribeirinha and must have went to Brazil and were
returning to the Acores. 


Number 88 Manuel



Richard Francis Pimentel

Epping, NH


Researching, Riberia Grande, Riberinha, Achada Grande,  Bretanha, and Ponta
Delgada,  Sao Miguel, Acores


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