Good Morning Everyone, 
I am hoping to find the first name of my great grandfather from Sao Miguel 
and the names of any of his siblings and other relatives.  I recently found 
the maiden and married names of his wife, my great grandmother.  I would 
also like to find the names of any of her siblings and other relatives as 

   - After looking at the Portuguese Immigrant Ships to Hawaii list by 
   Sandy Sakai, I found that the German ship S.S. Braunfels is a possible ship 
   that they could have been on due to their ages and the birth of their 
   oldest son in Hawaii.
   - I have been told by my father and uncles that our original family name 
   was spelled differently and I would love to find out what it was.  It was 
   something like Da Punt or Dapunt or DaPonta, etc  They didn't know the 
   exact spelling but they remember being told that.

My great grandmother's maiden name is Mary Joseph Rivera and her married 
name is Mary Joseph DePonte.  She was born on September 27, 1879 in Sao 

Thank You !
John DePonte

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