Hi Group, so I have a general questions. I have family members from Terceira, 
but they have travel back and forth to Brazil. Some of my research has moved to 
Brazil now. So to my question, I have been using Family Search. But the one 
village I am looking at is Rio de Janeiro. I have not been able to find a death 
date for my 2x GGrandfather has not been found in Terceira so I have move it to 
Brazil which I found a document that showed he had passed away at the age of 
42, which make sense which is the year of his last child's birth. 1898-1899 for 
them. My question is this, does Brazil have a web site to look for records. 
"Family Search only has death Records for that village that goes up to 1890 and 
nothing past that, or am I looking at this incorrectly? I have tried different 
ways and still come up with nothing. I have found records for his wife which 
shows she passed away in Terceira in 1919. I have tried and google Brazil and 
the village and only come up with Family Search.
Thanks for the help.
Bob Camacho

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