I am trying to use B.A.T.M.A.N. on a wired mesh network (ethx interfaces) version: batctl 2017.0 [batman-adv: 2017.0.1], but I got very/no bandwith over the BATMAN interfaces.

I have PC1 which is Intel based, 64 bit, kernel 4.9.0-3-amd64, OS is Debian, build batman from sources:

- eth0 address

- bat0 address

I have PC2 which is ARM based, 32 bit, kernel 4.6.0-xilinx-v2016.3, OS is yocto build, build batman from sources

- eth0 address

- bat0 address

PC1 and PC2 are directly connected with ethernet cable (no switch in the network)

I did network measurements with iperf (TCP and UDP) between PC1 and PC2 in 2 conditions:

- Without using batman, I got symmectric bandwidth between PC1 and PC2 (measured TCP and UDP on ethx interface), TCP bandwidth is 300-400 Mbits/sec - With using batman, I got something strange: bandwidh PC1 -> PC2 is 22 Kbit/sec and bandwidth PC2 -> PC1 is 110 Mbit/sec (measured TCP on bat0 interfaces) Also for UDP measurements I got bandwidth=0 measured PC1 -> PC2 and 222 Mbit/sec PC2 -> PC1

There is no firewall active on both devices.
Does anybody has an idea why I got no bandwidth in 1 Direction? Is there something I should configure when I build and want to use batman on 2 different types of operating systems / CPU?

I also did tests between 2 devices of type PC2, then I got symmetric bandwidths in both directions:

 - without using batman: 430 Mbits/s in both directions PC1 <> PC2
 - with using batman: 125 Mbit/s in both directions PC1 <> PC2

So here I see a large drop of the TCP bandwidth by using batman 430 -> 125 Mbit/s. Is this normal behavior?

Can anybody tell me where and how I can see debug messages from Batman?

Kind Regards,

Mattias Vanhoutte

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