On 14/04/18 02:16, Sven Eckelmann wrote:
> The IP translation layer is using the neighbor table of the kernel to get
> the unicast link layer (mac) address for IP(v4|v6) addresses. The kernel
> can not only return unicast mac addresses to such an RTM_GETNEIGH request
> but also zero mac address. Such an address must be considered invalid
> because the global translation table may not only contain a unique client
> mac address entry for it. The translation from client mac to originator
> will therefore most likely return an unexpected originator.

We already handle the case of multiple originators handling the same MAC
address, no? In that case I think we pick the "best" originator.

This case sounds more like a validity check because "a zero MAC should
not be in the translation table", or am I wrong?


Antonio Quartulli

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