On Friday, 8 November 2019 18:51:14 HKT Xuebing Wang wrote:
> We have been building openwrt 15.05 + batman-adv mesh network for over 2
> years, they work great.

hopefully, the batman-adv version you are using is newer than 15.05 ...

> 1) My first thought is to use batman-adv gateway (with 4G modem
> connected) as dhcp server, and forward batman-adv interface to wan
> interface (modem).
> 1.1)  But, there is an issue with this setup. Once a modem is down,
> nodes that are connected to this batman-adv gateway (with modem) can not
> automatically "roam" to another batman-adv gateway (with good modem
> connection).

Why not ? What should prevent nodes or clients to choose another batman-adv 
gateway ?

> 2) My second thought is to bridge batman-adv interface and wan interface
> (modem). This works great, I do not see issue (1.1) above.

Can you elaborate ? Are you comparing bridging vs routing ? What's the main 
difference between 1.1 and 2. which makes you think it works better ?

> 3) When I bridge batman-adv interface with other interface (as in step 2
> above), can I use batman-adv interface via *ipv6* to ping other
> batman-adv nodes?

You can always ping or transfer any IPv4/IPv6 payload over batman-adv 
regardless of your WAN setup. In fact, you could operate batman-adv without 
any WAN uplink at all.


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