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> > This commit introduces a bug, if b43 is the only RNG in the system. But
> > that is unlikely on modern systems and it's fixed by
> > 0e4b52942b1c76f89e0dcb829f72e123d0678f54, which is in 4.16.
> > 
> > Other than that I currently can't see why this crashes.
> > 
> > But the crash should go away, if you disable CONFIG_B43_HWRNG.
> > That's not a solution, but it may help, if you would like to get rid of
> > the crashes.
> > Could you please verify whether disabling CONFIG_B43_HWRNG avoids the
> > crash, just to make sure we are not after a red herring here?  
> It seems the bug I'm seeing is separate from the one you are describing.
>  The 4.16 kernels that ship with debian testing crash for me as well.  I
> tested the 142a27f0a version with CONFIG_B43_HWRNG switched off
> (manually in the .config): it still crashes is the same way.  I also
> just verified that the version one before that really is good.

CONFIG_B43_HWRNG completely switches off hwrng support in b43.
I don't see how a change in hwrng core could still lead to a crash in
b43 with this option switched off.

What do you mean by "manually in the .config"?
Can you try to properly switch off the setting with make menuconfig and
then recompile everything from scratch (make clean)?


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