> nemo@xavier-pavlov1:~$ babeld -V

> babeld-1.7.0

That's a very old version of babeld (it's over four years old).
I strongly recommend that you upgrade to either 1.8.5 or 1.9.1.

> Interface eth0 has no link-local address.

The interface should get a link-local address automatically as soon as the
link is up (a cable is plugged in).  Please plug the cable in before
running babeld.

(Babeld should recover if the link indication appears after it is started,
but I'm not sure how well that works in the old version you're using.)

> I don't want IPV6 on the system.

If there's no IPv6 address on the system, Babel still uses IPv6 for
link-local communication.  This should be of no import to you -- the fact
that IPv6 is used internally has no bearing on whether it routes IPv4, IPv6
or both.

-- Juliusz

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