Dear all,

Version 1.8.1 of babeld, the Babel routing daemon, is available from

This release makes two important changes, and upgrading is strongly

First of all, it properly parses and acts upon the new kinds of messages
allowed by RFC 6126bis, the upcoming version of the Babel specification.
However, it doesn't send any of the new messages, so it should be
perfectly safe to upgrade.  In particular, it still uses the old format
for source-specific routing.

Second, it fixes a long-standing bug that would delay convergence in some
cases.  You should find convergence times much improved, at the cost of
a small increase in control traffic.

There's also a fix for point-to-point interfaces under Linux, babeld shold
work fine over wireguard now.


-- Juliusz

7 April 2018: babeld-1.8.1

  * Implemented parsing of mandatory sub-TLVs and unicast and unscheduled
    Hellos.  This makes this version comply with RFC 6126bis.  However, we
    don't send any of these yet, so this version remains compatible with
    RFC 6126.
  * Fixed a bug that prevented us from sending requests after we lose
    a route.  This makes convergence much faster in some cases, at the
    cost of slightly increased traffic.
  * Fixed interface addresses on some kinds of point-to-point links.
  * The keep-unfeasible (-u) option has been removed, this is now the
    default behaviour.

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