On a graph with 'Wastefulness' along the X axis and 'Obnoxiousness'
up the Y axis,, plot the size and position of all the advertising-supported
business models you know of.  Keep the graph within the bounds
of good taste by calibrating it in mega-Saatchis, and by using
the colour scheme that you think will be most attractive
to avocado-eating ABC1 18-34-year-olds.  Include a
statistically significant sample of their names, phone numbers
and tasteful photographs so that your answer can be verified
by an independent panel of lonely experts.

I eat avocados. I hear that Patrick Moore is also partial to them. But I doubt that we share the political viewpoint.

And I think that all BBC material should be on UToobe. That should push up the ratings.


"Think Feynman"/////////
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