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Just to keep Auntie on her toes, another company that is a TLA has decided
to not bother with wasteful DRM:


Or the BBC article on the matter (which doesn't require registration):

And I nearly forgot what TLA meant! How stupid of me.

Not sure I trust Steve Jobs when he said:
"The right thing to do is to tear down walls that precluded interoperability by 
DRM-free and that starts here today."
(from the BBC article linked above)

Was he not the guy who put up the walls to start with?

Nice to see some record companies considering this kind of thing.
I hope it will be available without iTunes.

Apparently the files will be "higher quality", doubt it will be lossless though.
Pity really, but then it would cost them more to shift the files,
bandwidth ain't free (unless you use P2P then it's someone else's
bandwidth being used).

Can't remember who's on EMI though. Hopefully this could be a snowball effect?
Maybe EMI might be realizing that one all powerful content distributer
isn't good for them either?

Oh well enough of my idle speculation.

Official press release:


First they ignore you
then they laugh at you
then they fight you
then you win.
- Mohandas Gandhi
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