Hi all, I have my BBC hat back on at the moment, and one of the things I
am working on is a project to do with online voting and ratings.

Part of my brief is to explore how the BBC might utilise and re-use
information and data gathered via voting, and hopefully make a business
case for releasing it.

So, whilst trying to avoid a response along the lines of "Can we have
all the data, in as many different formats as possible", I wondered what
kind of data would you like to play with, what formats would be handy,
what time intervals, and what can you imagine doing with it.

When talking about voting data I'm thinking of examples like...

The Daily Mini-Quiz on the Magazine -
Votes on local BBC sites -
Votes on CBBC Newsround -

And also things like the Player Rater
(which I can't find an open example of, I think you'll have to have a
look for them around 3pm on Saturday)

What I'm interested in is hearing any ideas you might have about
including that kind of data in prototypes, how you might track it over
time or by topic and so on.

Just to be clear, this isn't a trawl for your IP so I can go and get
stuff built. It is so I can put into a document something along the
lines of - "And one of the reasons that releasing the data direct to the
web is a GOOD THING and the RIGHT THING to do is that it only took n
hours for the lovely BBC Backstage community to come up with x fantastic
applications for the data"

Ideas welcome on or off-list to [EMAIL PROTECTED]

And please don't mention the Blue Peter cat....

All the best,

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