It's rather interesting that one of the very few TV personalities who
really *gets* the digital revolution (tm) and all that is essentially
arguing that the digital arms race needs to be beefed up, instead of
starting negotations.
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Subject: [backstage] Stephen Fry: "There is this marvellous idea the
iPlayer is secure. It's anything but secure"

He also sounded a warning for BBC executives, accusing them of
"incredible naivety" in believing they could control the distribution of
programmes online. 

Programmes distributed via the BBC's increasingly popular online iPlayer
service are supposed to be viewable for a week only, and can be stored
on a PC for up to 30 days. But Fry said that large numbers of viewers
were bypassing the corporation's digital rights management software, and
more would follow. 

"There is this marvellous idea the iPlayer is secure. It's anything but
secure," said Fry, host of the TV quiz show QI. His recent documentary
on the Gutenberg printing press was one of the most popular programmes
on the iPlayer catch-up service. "The BBC is throwing out really
valuable content for free. It shows an incredible naivety about how the
internet and digital devices work."

Fry admitted to bypassing the copy protection to transfer programmes to
his Apple iPhone, and said the corporation's iPlayer was hurting its
commercial rivals. 

Brian Butterworth

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