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> I agree with Mr Fry's position.... and furthermore, I think that it is
> important, as is my own case, to understand that there are many
> rights-holders who fear all of this..... and the result is that they cannot
> see a high quality/secure way to release their work for financial reward.
> Therefore the speed of cultural development has suffered since the mid 90's,
> across both TV and Radio..... and a lot of supporting industries.
> If the BBC were to connect the two it would be wonderful, even a new
> secure codec would help.....
> I am still not certain about Dave Crossland's model either...... and as a
> result it is very frustrating to try to professionally consider why I should
> work so hard when the rules of distribution are clearly so uncertain at
> present.
> RichE
What if you didn't have to fear copying - but instead embraced it?
What if you could, in effect, outsource the heavy lifting of the
distribution to those who wished to do it for you?
What if you could build a direct connection to, and a business model from,
people's desire to watch/listen/read your stuff?

The trick then is to develop a relationship with those who obviously love
your work. I could ramble on - but I have already:

I have a dog in this fight. I think you can compete with free without having
to technologically cripple the person who wants to give you their money.
I've started up a business which recognises free as your starting point and
everything after that is about building relationships with those who wish to
give you their money! I won't do an advertising pitch (not really what this
list is for) - other than to say drop me a line if you would like to know

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