I produced  a BBC radio Yahoo! Widget some while ago. It used to have a
fully working "A to Z" listing of "Listen Again" programs for each radio
station, which sadly it doesn't at present due to changes in the web pages.
I have over 37,000 downloads and I know that the users would like to
continue using this facility so any help would be gratefully received. 

The widget is of course non-commercial and free to everyone. The reason most
users like my widget is that they can access all of the BBC radio content
without paging through lots of web pages to get what they want, it has a
small footprint on the desk top )even smaller when run in "mini" mode) and
works on both PC's and MAC's. The widget uses RealPlayer and Windows Media
Player for playback.

The link to the widget is -

In the past I used to scrape the information from the web pages but this is
a very inefficient way of doing things and because of changes in the web
site design it has become impossible to maintain a service to the users of
my widget. 

I've had a look at the current feeds and there doesn't appear to be one that
gives the links to the listen again program streams . Is it possible
(preferably the RP source locations)? If so, where can I find the

If it is not done is there a likelihood that access could be granted for the
widget to maintain its functionality?

If you're not the right people to be in contact with could you point me in
the right direction?



PS The player is not limited to BBC stations for streaming audio!


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