Hi all!

Just to let you know that Adventure in Technology is happening again on
the 28th February in Bristol. The web site with posters and details is
at http://www.techadventure.org/ and you may already have seen the event
on O'Reilly GMT.

It's a cross between a party and a hack-day where we experiment with
everything from software to robotics to video and sound. We try to get
as much technology and high-tech equipment as possible into one room for
people to get their hands on and experiment with. Anything (reasonably
legal) goes, so if you have something fun lying around, bring it along.
If it doesn't work, someone will know how to fix it, and if it does,
people will go "oooh". Above all, we want people to just come along to
enjoy the adventure.

Entrance is free, there is a car park and a licensed bar. If you want to
talk or demo something large, it will help us if you contact us in
advance so that we can warn the crew of what to expect. However, if you
just turn up on the day, bring an LED torch or a humanoid robot, a
musical instrument or a ... well, you make it up!

For those who plan to stay the night, many of us will be going to a late
night party, more details on the day.


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