Andrew, thanks for the information. It'll be very useful.



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I've done similar work myself for (including a
Now and Next Google Gadget I really must get round to updating). I use the
Audio on Demand feeds, which you can find at <station name> .xml


>From that you can get a title, synopsis, and link to the mediaselector XML
from which you can get the iPlayer and RealAudio links.


Only downside is that as far as I'm aware it's only for national radio - I'm
sure someone can correct me if local radio is now available.


You have to guess a bit at the station names - this is the list of stations
I've been able to find so far.

Of course when the Beeb get round to finishing off the /programmes website
we should all be able to get XML feeds of radio/tv data by date, genre,
availability on iplayer, etc, etc all from one place.


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I've had a look at the current feeds and there doesn't appear to be one that
gives the links to the listen again program streams . Is it possible
(preferably the RP source locations)? If so, where can I find the

If it is not done is there a likelihood that access could be granted for the
widget to maintain its functionality?


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