I love how they make it sound like Apple's recent dumping of DRM was an
embrace of some form of DRM that would work on any and all devices:
"Digital Rights Management (DRM), properly applied, also has a role (i.e.
where it allows users to access content on any device that they own, rather
than being device limited – which is the paradigm that the film industry has
encouraged and one that, in music, Apple's iTunes has now embraced, in a
welcome recent co-operation between rights-owners and a device/
distributor)." (page 43)

I guess you could argue that no DRM is the only proper application of DRM,
but even then that sentence seems really wrong - since when has the film
industry been behind a form of DRM that works on any and all devices?.

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> A lot to enjoy here...
> "Our plans for the level of service which we believe should be universal.
> We anticipate this consideration will include options up to 2Mb/s."
> http://www.dcms.gov.uk/images/publications/digital_britain_interimreportjan09.pdf
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