On 21 October 2008 21:15, Gareth Davis wrote:
> As it happens we will have completed migrating our radio and 
> on-demand playout to an external CDN when the schedules 
> change at the end of BST, so this solves the infrastructure 
> problem. Once we have the minor detail of launching Persian 
> TV out of the way, we will be looking at making additional 
> formats and bitrates available - but in a way that does not 
> affect those that still need the narrowband Real/Windows offerings.

Just in case you were wondering about this, we have now started rolling
out AAC+ across our on-demand offerings, the first bulletin to be
changed over is on the BBC Brasil site that was relaunched yesterday:


Over the coming months we will make all our on-demand, live streams and
embedded clips available in AAC+ in addition to Real and Windows media.

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