2009/2/9 Rob Myers <r...@robmyers.org>:
> On Mon, Feb 9, 2009 at 4:12 PM, Christopher Woods <chris...@infinitus.co.uk>
>> Transforming a Windows school to an Ubuntu school is nigh on impossible to
>> achieve unless you provide a year's warning, gradually phase out use of all
>> Windows-only software over the course of the year, implement the massive
>> overhaul and platform transition during the holidays and then spend the next
>> six months to a year supporting users when stuff goes wrong. Most schools
>> simply cannot afford to provision those kinds of resources, so they stay put
>> with what they have,
> And yet they will end up on a newer Microsoft operating system at some
> point. ;-)

Right - if they really stayed put with what they have, then they'd
still be using Acorns. Which probably taught kids more about computer
science than the XP machines in use today ;-)

So, rather than spending on the Windows 7 upgrade, better to invest in
the switch to software freedom. WINE will take care of legacy
proprietary educational applications for the short period where they
get re-implemented as free software.
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