I have to admit that I generally don't see the point of twitter.  Having
said that though, this recent spell of cold weather has actually made me
like it, mostly because the university I go to have been updating us on
whether the uni is closed via twitter (http://twitter.com/UniofBath), and
also the local bus company have been doing the same (
http://twitter.com/bathcsc).  Much easier and nicer than constantly going
back to a web page with the service status on (or going out and waiting for
an hour for a bus that never turns up).

Personally I think it is things like that which will bring twitter to the
mainstream, especially when combined with it's ease of use on mobile


2009/2/9 Rob Myers <r...@robmyers.org>

> Ian Forrester wrote:
> > The really cool kids are on both right?
> I refer the honourable gentleman to the smiley I appended at the
> conclusion of my previous statement. ;-) I think Twitter has the more
> famous people on it.
> > Surely it's the same as when Radio presenters couldn't help but chat
> about there Myspace pages all the time? Every bar I go into now a days,
> there's talk about Youtube, Facebook and sometimes Twitter anyway.
> Twitter is breaking through to the mainstream. It's a big enough
> phenomenon that ignoring it would be the extraordinary thing.
> - Rob.

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