It goes deeper than this; currently there is no place in the national
curriculum to teach kids to touch type. So even though they will most
likely spend a large part of their time on a keyboard no one thinks it
appropriate to teach them an effective way to do that.

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On Mon, Feb 09, 2009 at 04:12:09PM -0000, Christopher Woods wrote:
> Aside from the fact that the suite of *de facto* software the students
> use day in and day would need to be the same, in some cases the bloody
> curriculum demanded that particular software be used, so your hands
> tied. 

At my school we had Acorns for general use (DTP etc), an ST for music 
composition, and a Beeb for handling the input from our radiotelescopes.
I was happy with each of them (and did not have a computer at home
to compare or learn on). There was no problem in using different 
computers for different purposes, each was "the right tool for the job".

So what's wrong with providing certain software where the curriculum
prescribes it, perhaps on computers in the room or lab where that 
subject is taught, but the main suites could be running entirely
open source solutions? And then if schools start to turn to open
source, maybe the software prescribed by the curriculum will change 
as well.

Schools should be preparing kids to go into the world. And open
source is out there on desktops now. We should be looking forward
to that, not back because "that's how it's always been".
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