for me I have made some excellent connections via twitter both for work
purposes and for personal. I now have a modest number of followers and I
follower an equal number of people. I have connected on a social level with
Greeks/Cypriots around the globe who are interested in Web 2.0, twitterers
in my region and people who are interested in our Second Life work. In fact
on a better scale than linked in.

I also, I have to admit, follow the likes of Stephen Fry and @wossy. I even
followed Russell Brand just to see how quickly his number of followers would
rise over the hour, two hours and 24hrs etc.

I'm now connected to a wider audience of people which reflect my interests
and my local community and have in turn met some of them either in Second
Life and in Real Life.

As a result of a twitter we found out that we'd been mentioned in dispatches
by a presenter at an Ideas Performance event, I twittered back who then
asked me to write a blog post. As fortune would have it I was meeting the
client for a coffee and between the two of us we responded all within
an hour of the first tweet.

Now thats what I call magic!

Soulla :)

2009/2/9 Rob Myers <>

> Duncan Barclay wrote:
> > I have to admit that I generally don't see the point of twitter.
> You could have fitted that into a twitter message and reached a much
> wider audience. ;-)
> - Rob.

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